Chef Madonna at Momma Made It aims to bring families back together around the dinner table.

Chef Madonna loves cooking and creating meals that intrigue your tongue and relieve you from your long day. Growing up, Chef Madonna‚Äôs parents both worked and dinner was often a last-minute thought thrown together with whatever ingredients were on hand. She had yet to realize that creating meals out of only the ingredients that are immediately available requires ingenuity and patience.  Going into adulthood, Chef Madonna thought that she hated cooking. As a young, working mother striving to provide healthy and flavorful meals for her family, Chef Madonna leaned on her parents’ knowledge and ingenuity and soon found her passion for cooking. Later in life, she had the opportunity to expand her knowledge and made the decision to use her skills to bring healthy eating habits, calm, and togetherness to every home.

Chef Madonna knows and understands the daily life of a working parent and wants to bring every family back together around the dinner table.

Chef Madonna earned dual degrees in Culinary and Baking Arts at Lake Washington School of Technology in Kirkland, WA.

Eco friendly

Chef Madonna uses natural, organic, and locally grown ingredients whenever possible. Her personal code of ethics directs that the business be as green as possible; choosing vendors who are environmentally and socially responsible.

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